Virtual Training via ZOOM

$100 - four weeks ($25 per session)
One 1HR session per week (for four weeks)

$176 - four weeks ($22 per session)
Two 1HR sessions per week (for four weeks)

$240 - four weeks ($20 per session)
Three 1HR  sessions per week (for four weeks)

$304 - four weeks ($19 per session)
Four 1HR sessions per week (for four weeks)

$360 - four weeks ($18 per session)
Five 1HR sessions per week (for four weeks)

I can also custom build a package to specifically suit your needs!
Do not hesitate to reach out.

Other Services

-Small Group Training (2-4 People)
-Corporate Wellness Programs
-Nutrition Coaching
-Group Classes

*Costs may vary. Reach out for specific quotes.

My Approach

As a personal trainer, I work to emphasize increased strength, mobility, and happiness as indicators of progress/success. As part of my fitness philosophy, I do not use scales, measurements, or BMI indexes. I strive to encourage body appreciation rather than a focus on aesthetics (body image). I believe in creating a warm and welcoming non-judgmental environment for all participants and I actively try to make fitness less intimidating. Focusing on strong healthy bodies, I aim to facilitate clients through sustainable lifestyle changes that reflect the life they live. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach here!

Things To Note

For training, absolutely no equipment is necessary. Just a little space is all you need! If you have some fitness equipment/weights at home (or want to invest in some) we can definitely utilize them but don't feel that it is required. I can build a program and train you with whatever you have available to you!

If you are experiencing barriers accessing personal training, do not hesitate to reach out. I am committed to making personal training available to everyone by offering my services on a sliding scale. Support for access can include relief from financial barriers with reduced fees or other forms of support unique to you.

For my safety and the safety of those I may come in contact with, I have made the decision to currently only offer virtual training through Zoom. When appropriate to do so, outdoor training downtown Toronto (weather permitting) may also be available with additional fees.

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Certification: International Sports Science Association (ISSA)

Photography: Chris Teel

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